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How to pronounce diatribe (audio)


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Dictionary definition of diatribe

A speech or written passage that is marked by bitter, harsh, or condemnatory language, often directed against a particular person or group.
"The journalist's diatribe against corruption in the industry caused a stir."


Detailed meaning of diatribe

It is characterized by a harsh or bitter tone and a tendency to attack or criticize in a strongly negative or abusive way. A diatribe is often used to describe a long, angry, and critical speech or written passage that attacks or criticizes a particular person or group. An example of a sentence using the word diatribe would be "The journalist wrote a diatribe against the government's policies, criticizing them for their lack of action on the issue."

Example sentences containing diatribe

1. His diatribe against the government was filled with anger.
2. She launched into a diatribe about her co-worker's behavior.
3. The politician's diatribe drew strong reactions from the audience.
4. The editorial included a scathing diatribe against corruption.
5. His diatribe against technology was met with skepticism.
6. The internet is full of diatribes against various celebrities.

History and etymology of diatribe

The noun 'diatribe' traces its etymology to the Greek word 'diatribē,' which is a combination of 'dia' (meaning 'through' or 'across') and 'tribē' (meaning 'wear and tear' or 'spending time'). In ancient Greece, a 'diatribē' referred to a type of philosophical discourse or lecture that involved a continuous and thorough examination of a topic. Over time, the term evolved, and in the context of language, it came to denote a speech or written passage characterized by harsh, bitter, or condemnatory language. This transformation in meaning reflects the evolution of the word from a thoughtful discussion to a more critical and negative form of expression, capturing the essence of a vehement and often hostile critique directed against a particular person or group.

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Further usage examples of diatribe

1. The teacher's diatribe against cheating left an impact on students.
2. A diatribe against social inequality ignited a debate.
3. The manager's diatribe about punctuality was well-received.
4. The film critic wrote a diatribe against formulaic movies.
5. A diatribe against pollution highlighted its dire consequences.
6. The preacher's diatribe warned of moral decline.
7. The blogger's diatribe criticized fashion industry standards.
8. Her diatribe against discrimination resonated with many.
9. The journalist penned a diatribe against corporate greed.
10. A diatribe against prejudice sparked a conversation about equality.
11. The comedian's diatribe on politics drew both laughs and groans.
12. The musician's diatribe in his lyrics conveyed deep frustration.
13. The professor delivered a diatribe on the decline of intellectualism.
14. A diatribe against misinformation emphasized the need for accurate information.
15. The columnist’s article was nothing more than a lengthy diatribe against the current government.
16. He launched into an emotional diatribe, criticizing the lack of empathy in society.
17. My intention was to have a constructive conversation, but it turned into a diatribe on his part.
18. She was known for her scathing diatribes against corruption and social injustice.
19. The professor cautioned students to avoid engaging in diatribes and instead focus on presenting balanced arguments.
20. His latest blog post is a diatribe about the shortcomings of the modern education system.
21. The politician's diatribe during the debate lacked substance and was filled with personal attacks.
22. Instead of offering solutions, his speech was a diatribe against those who disagreed with him.
23. Her diatribe on consumerism was a wakeup call for many people accustomed to excessive spending.
24. The frustrated customer unleashed a diatribe against the store manager for the poor service.
25. The editorial, which began as a critical analysis, soon devolved into a diatribe.
26. The online forum was flooded with diatribes from users venting their frustration about the new update.
27. His diatribe was met with silence, as people were taken aback by the ferocity of his words.
28. The meeting turned tense when one of the members started a diatribe against the proposed changes.
29. The author’s new book contains several diatribes, criticizing the fast-food industry’s impact on health.



rant, praise, commendation, endorsement


GRE 1 (Graduate Record Examination), Frustration and Exasperation, Discomfort and Distress, Scorn and Censure, Mockery and Insults

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