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How to pronounce fiend (audio)


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Dictionary definition of fiend

A person who is excessively and relentlessly devoted to a particular pursuit, often to an unhealthy degree.
"She became a coffee fiend, needing several cups a day to function."

Detailed meaning of fiend

The term can also be used to describe someone who is particularly evil or wicked, often associated with supernatural or demonic qualities. In more contemporary usage, the term may be used to describe someone who is particularly skilled or talented in a particular field or activity. The connotations of the word "fiend" are generally negative, implying a level of obsession or malevolence that is disturbing or dangerous. Despite its negative associations, the term is sometimes used in a lighthearted or humorous way to describe someone who is particularly enthusiastic about something.

Example sentences containing fiend

1. The horror movie featured a bloodthirsty fiend lurking in the shadows.
2. He was known as a computer programming fiend, always engrossed in coding.
3. The art gallery displayed an exquisite painting of a mythical fiend.
4. She's a crossword puzzle fiend, finishing them in record time.
5. The detective was determined to catch the fiend responsible for the series of crimes.
6. The ice cream parlor offered a variety of flavors that would delight any sweet fiend.

History and etymology of fiend

The noun 'fiend' has its etymological roots in Old English and Old Norse. In Old English, it was 'feond,' and in Old Norse, it was 'fiandr.' Both of these words meant 'foe' or 'enemy.' Over time, in the English language, 'fiend' evolved to refer to a person who is excessively and relentlessly devoted to a particular pursuit, often to an unhealthy degree. This shift in meaning likely occurred because a person's intense dedication or obsession with something, such as a vice or an addiction, could be likened to the relentless pursuit of an enemy. Thus, a 'fiend' came to signify someone who is unhealthily obsessed or excessively driven by a particular desire or interest. The etymology of 'fiend' reflects its historical association with the concept of enmity and opposition, which later transformed into describing individuals with insatiable or extreme passions or pursuits.

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Further usage examples of fiend

1. He's a fitness fiend, spending hours at the gym every day.
2. The evil sorcerer summoned a fiend from another realm to do his bidding.
3. She's a shopping fiend, always on the lookout for the latest fashion trends.
4. The old mansion was rumored to be haunted by a malevolent fiend.
5. He's a literature fiend, with an impressive collection of classic novels.
6. The video game featured an epic battle against a powerful fiend boss.
7. She's a gardening fiend, spending weekends tending to her vibrant flower beds.
8. The fiendish plan of the villain was finally revealed in the thrilling climax.
9. He's a tech fiend, owning every gadget and device on the market.
10. The town's folklore was filled with tales of fiends and supernatural creatures.
11. She's a cooking fiend, experimenting with new recipes every week.
12. The historical museum had an exhibit showcasing ancient artifacts associated with fiend worship.
13. The fiend's eerie laughter echoed through the dark forest, sending shivers down their spines.
14. The finance fiend never missed a stock market update, even during family dinners.
15. She's a workout fiend, hitting the gym before dawn without fail.
16. As a coffee fiend, he couldn't start his day without a strong espresso.
17. The fashion fiend collected designer shoes like they were art pieces.
18. He's a gaming fiend, spending countless hours mastering every level.
19. The book fiend devoured novels, often finishing them in a single sitting.
20. She's a makeup fiend, always experimenting with new beauty products.
21. The tech fiend owned every gadget released, no matter the cost.
22. He's a travel fiend, constantly jet-setting to explore new destinations.
23. The music fiend had an extensive vinyl collection spanning genres.
24. She's a foodie fiend, always seeking out the latest culinary trends.



fanatic, amateur, disinterested, apathetic


Abundance and Excess, Resilience and Resolve, Seduction and Allure, Followers and Loyalty

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